The Iowa Motion Picture Association

If you're planning or developing a project in Iowa, you'll find plenty of qualified, experienced cast and crew members in all corners of the state.

Whether your project involves film, television or video, you'll find a large number of professionals among IMPA members, including directors, producers, editors, production assistants, actors, writers, hair & makeup professionals, directors of photography, sound pros, lighting experts and grips, art directors, special effects experts, prop masters, location managers and more!


The Iowa Motion Picture Association is pleased to announce....

Film Producer Guest Panel
Monday August 15 6pm – 8pm
Franklin Avenue Library
5000 Franklin Avenue
Des Moines, IA 50310

"Producer" is the most ambiguous title in filmmaking. We know the main role of acting talent, and we understand what directors do, but the arcane, cryptic, perplexing... okay I'm running out of synonyms for "mysterious", so please attend our FREE guest panel discussion and together we'll remove the veil of mystery concealing these enigmatic creatures.

We do know this - producers in the independent film world typically wear other hats such as director, writer, and even actor, so we're anticipating fun stories about working in the trenches.

We'll annouce our guest panelists over the next few weeks. 

Our room can hold up to 150 people so please invite your acting, writing, and filmmaking friends.

This will be an ideal arena for learning and networking, sponsored by the Iowa Scriptwriters Alliance and the Iowa Motion Picture Association. To become a member of either organization visit our web sites:



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Brief Highlights from the 2015 IMPA Awards, featuring Gary Kroeger, who appeared in 56 episodes of Saturday Night Live & co-founded the Chicago Practical Theater Company with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

The IMPA connects with its members during the IMPA Awards. The video above includes highlights from the workshops, award shows and interviews with nominees, winners and attendees!

Professional Development

Education, Training and Support. Getting ready for Next Year's Awards? The IMPA is excited to present a valuable Film Financing Workshop on May 7th, 2016. Click the link below to learn more and submit your RSVP!

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Iowa Motion Picture Awards

We celebrated The 25th Annual Iowa Motion Picture Awards in Pella on April 16, 2016!

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The Iowa Office of Media Production

We are grateful to Produce Iowa – the State Office of Media Production – for outstanding support – and encourage our members to visit the Iowa Media Production Directory to help keep it accurate and up-to-date and to connect with film projects in Iowa.

The IMPA Board Members

A group of individuals drawn together as a team to help you realize and accomplish your production goals.

Featured Film Festival

The 25th Annual Iowa Motion Picture Awards were held this weekend on April 16th in Pella, IA. Thank you for joining us. Click here to see the winners!



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