Editing – Long Form (60 minutes +)

Adam Gragg

Charcoal Skies

Eric Dean Freese

The Collins Story – Connecting the Moon to the Earth: Steps to the Moon

Editing – Medium Form (30 – 59 minutes)

Dacia Carter & Francesca Soans

Getting That Note Out

Editing – Short Form (less than 30 minutes)

Ben Schmidt

August Gonzalez feat. Jay Wetterling – SEE TMRW

Kevin Isaacson


Rob Merritt

Watch These Idiots Ride RAGBRAI

Visual Effects (Mechanical)

Leslie Barrow Nelson      

DK Arndt Accounting: Super Hero (Captain Accounting)

Kevin Isaacson


Visual Effects (Post Production; Under $10,000)

Shelby Hagerdon

Star Wars: The Adventures of Mara Jade

Lighting Design Regular Deadline

Eric Benson & Kevin Thorn          

All Roads End (Director’s Cut)