Jim Brockhohn

Jim is an “actor but plays a doctor in real life”. That is one of his favorite introductions. Jim has been a Chiropractor in Forest City, Iowa for 34 years and an actor for 28 years. He specializes in Sports Medicine and has traveled with several professional teams including the Profession Rodeo Cowboy Association for 12 years and as a team doctor for the U.S Olympic team since 1996. Jim is an award-winning Actor, Writer, and Director. He’s done over 95 projects including Movies, T.V. Shows and Commercials. Some of his credits have included 2 Coen Brother movies; “A SERIOUS MAN’ as The Red Owl Store Manager and “INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS” as John Goodman’s photo double. Jim is a very diverse actor participating in roles such as a Cowboy, Mafia Roles, Father, Coach, Mentally Challenged Adult, Motorcycle Gang Member, Preacher, Detective, Farmer, Cook, and even played a double as “Snookie” in a sports drink commercial.

Jim is the current President of the IOWA MOTION PICTURE ASSOCIATION and is serving his 8th year as President. He joined the board around 2000. He’s also on the board of the IOWA INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL in Mason City, along with his wife. He enjoys helping other actors with their acting goals. He has been with the Boy Scouts for 47 years and his wife, Cindy, has been active in the Boy Scouts for 26 years. He is an Eagle Scout and his 2 sons are Eagle Scouts. They have 4 children and 9 grandchildren. You can see his Acting Resume’ on his website, www.agencyprotalent.com/jimb, and IMDB.